Based far from Chicago, but with the spirit of the city’s unequalled musical heritage as its driving force, South of 55th are out to give you a good time – Chicago style! “It’s the Blues, Baby!” . . . but that don’t mean doom ‘n’ gloom. The foundations for popular music were laid by the artists who settled in Chicago from America’s South. Songs of Love, Misfortune, Revenge and Luck – all written to help shed the working-week’s troubles and just have a damn good time. We play the music of those countless pioneers and originators, not note-for-note, but with the same groove it was performed through the 50s/60s/70s in the Southside neighbourhood “lounges”, clubs and bars. Never wanting to be just “the-band-in-the-corner”, we believe the stage is there so you can see us – not to separate us from the people we share the event with.

Romanticism over (!) we are a five-piece, based on the UK’s South Coast and between us benefit from an eclectic music-playing journey that began way back in the early ‘sixties and as a result we sound pretty good.

We have a website with pictures but no music: wix south of 55th; some wobbly Youtube clips; a Facebook page which revives on the run-up to shows (!); and many great friends who give us our Love and support. We also have use of a mobile telephone – 07514431828 – if you would like us to play for you and your friends and neighbours. Bottom line is . . . Be there or be square!

Phone: 07514 – 431828