Retro Rock’n’Roll. Recreating the sound of the British Beat Boom of the late 50’s early 60’s.

Early in ‘07 Marky had formed a prog-rock skiffle group with some mates and called themselves The Roffeymen. A chance meeting took place later that year at a church fete when Bill was introduced to Marky and impressed him by knowing all the words to ‘Apache’. They formed a popular beat-combo with various names including ‘The Silver Cyclones’. After some demo sessions in the legendary Studio 2 at QMI, the band became complete with front man Rocky Dyson joining the group after leaving his job as a Butlin’s Red Coat and singer in holiday camp band bringing his glamorous backing singers “The Rockettes” along for the ride.  They burst on to the music scene at Horsham Battle of The Bands 2007. The rest is rock n roll history.