Hollows of Venus

Cover your children’s ears, and turn down your hearing aids… ladies & gentlemen, I give you HOV!

Hollows of Venus Mk.1 started gigging in early 2007, but after numerous line-up changes over the first few years HOV evolved into the powerful 5-headed rock-beast that you now know and love. Tara (vocals), Al (drums), Gibby (guitar), Mike (bass) & Neill (guitar/vocals) all gel both on and off stage – just how bands should be. The secret of HOV’s success is not only down to being friends outside the band, but also having a right good laugh in the band and not taking themselves too seriously. And of course delivering maximum rock n’ roll to you.

The band’s repertoire includes classics by Led Zeppelin, Guns n’ Roses, The Beatles, Neil Young and The Foo Fighters, paired with rocked-up takes on 80’s hits as well as a select few choices from recent rock history. The band are also now writing and performing their own original material and mixing this up in their sets. HOV always give 110% at their shows, always deliver the goods, and never, ever make mistakes *


(* some, but not all, of this may be untrue)