Hard hitting Black Sabbath/Heaven and Hell tribute covering all eras – from the very beginning with Ozzy and his unique vocals on the debut and definitive hard rock album “Black Sabbath” – all the way through to the sad ending with Heaven and Hell and the immortal Ronnie James Dio…hence the name “From Sabbath To Hell”

Name: Kirsty “Rozzy” Pollock
Position: Vocals
Brought up on a diet of 60’s and 70’s rock, Kirsty’s vocal influences include all the greats of that era, most especially David Coverdale, Paul Rodgers, Ian Gillan, and the legendary Ronnie Dio (with whom she shares a brass-playing background). With a huge voice and a ton of flying hair she’s known for her passionate delivery and commanding stage presence – which makes her a natural to front a band paying homage to the music of the very founders of heavy metal, Black Sabbath!! If anyone is ever interested in vocalist’s gear, it’s the good old workhorse SM-58 mike, through whatever you’ve got, and you might want to stand back when it comes to the screams!

Name: Jon “Geezabass” Payne
Position: Bass
Jon was brought up in a very heavily musically influenced area (the West Midlands) and first picked up the bass at the age of 14. He played in his first band (X-Calibre) when 16 before discovering that there was more to life than playing Ramones tracks!! Very much influenced by Geezer Butler, Jon has adopted both the playing style and the sound of the great man and put his own slant on it. A very experienced bassist and bass technician he has been a Black Sabbath fan for as long as he can remember and has always wanted to form a fitting and accurate tribute band to push the Sabbath sound to the masses (not that there can be many who have not heard of them)!! Jon uses ESP, Washburn and Crafter basses, Laney amplification and DR Black Beauties Strings.

Name: Ryan “Mr Ryommi” MacDonald
Position: Guitar
Mr Ryommi first picked up the guitar as a teenager after listening to and being inspired by Guns and Roses Appetite for Destruction album. After a few years of on and off self taught playing, he started to perform live around the age of 18 with a number of originals bands for a short period of time. After 10 odd years of not playing at all, he started to play again just before the age of 30 but this time in a number of local covers bands. Having grown tired of the covers scene, a new challenge was on the cards and it was always going to be a heavy rock band. After an initial session with Jon and Kirsty it very quickly became clear that Sabbath was the main influence collectively and the choice of direction become immediately obvious.

Name: Steve “Biill & Vin” Farley
Position: Drums
Steve emerged from his mother’s womb with a set of drum sticks in his hands (ouch!) and has been playing since he was secondary school. He joined his first band at 15 playing rock covers by such bands as Led Zeppelin, The Who, Black Sabbath (of course) among many others. He has rarely had a break from playing and has appeared in many bands local to the Crawley area, most notably Redfish Bitesback. Bill Ward and John Bonham are Steve’s biggest influences and they totally represent his style of playing, powerful but with the touch and feel needed to reproduce the Sabbath sound and an ultra-tight rhythm section. Steve uses Yamaha Drums, Paiste and Zildjian cymbals and Vic Firth 2B’s sticks.

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Iron Tyger’s charismatic take on the fun and excitement of 80s rock has prompted huge excitement from audiences across the UK., combining iconic tunes from rock legends like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Whitesnake with clever rock flavoured twists on classic hits from 80s artists such as Aha and Madonna – all delivered with the powerful and passionate performance that has become the band’s trademark!


















GunShot Straight are an alternative rock band that hail from the South coast of England but with the world in their sight.
Originally formed in late 2008 GunShot Straight is Chris Carnell on vocals and guitar, Dan Orchard on bass and Steve Hodgkison  on drums. GSS released their 1st album ‘The Final Days of 44’ in the spring of 2009, it’s classic rock sound with the modern feel proved a success with clubs up and down the south. Building a fan base by being honest about the great bands that influenced the trio – from Led Zeppelin, The Who to CSNY to ACDC. GSS wears its influences on its sleeve – rock, with a mix of soul and a pinch of punk.

Phone: 07966 – 866990 (James)












The Maxibons are an energetic 4-piece with experience to match their charisma and energy. Renowned for their driving dynamic performance and audience interaction, The Maxibons engage crowds with their on-stage chemistry and pure passion for music. With a thought filled, and varied range of covers there is guaranteed to be something to make the night memorable for everyone!

Formed 2008,  and now in their mid 20s, hailing from the southern seaside resort of Worthing. Originally gained requignision from there own material of catchy Indie Brit Rock, which received rave reviews, resulting In air play  and an introducing the south live lounge session. The band have also reached many local and regional finals of battle of the band style competitions, played an uncountable amount of gigs, shows , party’s, festivals, bars, venues weddings and cooperate events, along the way playing with some of the south coasts hottest talents. both making friends and attracting dedicate and much loved and appreciated fan base along the way.

The band have now taken a break from original material and are now focused on applying there talents to performing some highly loved covers new and old with an injection of Maxibon style, a passion to giving a new leash of life to the songs and Sharing the rocking experience with everyone!












A Hampshire-based singer-songwriter and a regular in and around Horsham.  Described as one of the local scene’s most passionate musicians, his emotionally charged songs and earthy lyrics reflect life’s hopes, dreams and contradictions. Philip is currently working on a debut recording with his new band, The Passion Poets.












Come along and enjoy a unique blend of Rhythm and Blues, Boogie Woogie and Jump Jive with John Stapleton and his Rhythm and Blues Band, guaranteed to get the joint jumping and your feet tapping. Led by the charismatic John Stapleton on Piano and Vocal the band include seasoned rhythm and blues musicians who have performed extensively throughout the country and Europe and backed some of the well known artists on the rhythm and blues circuit today. All accomplished musicians in their own right the band features Jon ‘T Bone’ Taylor on guitar, Simon Reid on Bass, Kevin Stapleton on Drums and Tony Hall on Tenor Saxophone. The band draws their musical influences from the roots of New Orleans music to Chicago, Memphis and anything in-between. This will an energy driven, up tempo Rhythm and Blues show so get your dancing shoes on, put your best foot forward and get on down to the Carfax bandstand at 4pm for a Rhythm and Blues party not to be missed.













Based far from Chicago, but with the spirit of the city’s unequalled musical heritage as its driving force, South of 55th are out to give you a good time – Chicago style! “It’s the Blues, Baby!” . . . but that don’t mean doom ‘n’ gloom. The foundations for popular music were laid by the artists who settled in Chicago from America’s South. Songs of Love, Misfortune, Revenge and Luck – all written to help shed the working-week’s troubles and just have a damn good time. We play the music of those countless pioneers and originators, not note-for-note, but with the same groove it was performed through the 50s/60s/70s in the Southside neighbourhood “lounges”, clubs and bars. Never wanting to be just “the-band-in-the-corner”, we believe the stage is there so you can see us – not to separate us from the people we share the event with.

Romanticism over (!) we are a five-piece, based on the UK’s South Coast and between us benefit from an eclectic music-playing journey that began way back in the early ‘sixties and as a result we sound pretty good.

We have a website with pictures but no music: wix south of 55th; some wobbly Youtube clips; a Facebook page which revives on the run-up to shows (!); and many great friends who give us our Love and support. We also have use of a mobile telephone – 07514431828 – if you would like us to play for you and your friends and neighbours. Bottom line is . . . Be there or be square!

Phone: 07514 – 431828











PRESS RELEASE: Having been away celebrating 35yrs since he died, Elvis is BACK.

He is currently recuperating in a Tiger Room (somewhere in Cowfold) ready to take to The Bandstand again, following the amazing turnout at the Horsham Jubilee Celebrations.

The Almost Elvis Band was created in 2012. The band also performs as The Embers entertaining crowds since 2003.

Anthony Tidy who fronts The Embers has also been performing as “Almost Elvis” for the last decade……. and it was only a matter of time until we decided to bring it all together as a full on 6-piece rockin’ band.

The band covers all of The King’s career with shows comprising of a set of The Early Years with The King in his Black Comeback Special Leather Suit and then The Vegas Years in the infamous White Suit.

We re-create the energy and enthusiasm and humour of everything Elvisness. Come down to the show at 3pm and see what the crowds have been enjoying.

To quote Mojo Nixon..”Elvis is everywhere, Elvis is everything, Elvis is everybody…Elvis is still The King”

“The King” aka Anthony Tidy
“James Burton” aka Steve Jay – Electric Guitar
“Scotty Moore” aka Andrew Gambling- Acoustic Guitar
“Jerry Scheff” aka Jamie Warren – Bass
“Larry Muhoberac” aka Irek Tomaszewski (Tomo) – Keyboards
“Ronnie Tutt” aka Dan Thomas – Drums