B52’s Restaurant Bar

For a fabulous night out, great company, relaxed atmosphere and excellent food why not visit us in Piries Place, Horsham Town.

We have a great menu and a fantastic range of cocktails and shooters plus chilled beers and a superb selection of fine wines.

Website: www.b52s.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/b52sUK
Twitter: www.twitter.com/b52shorsham
Email: b52s@live.co.uk
Phone: 01403 – 217401
Address: 19 Piries Place, Horsham, West-Sussex, RH12 1EH

Opening Hours

SUNDAY…..10:00 – 00:30
MONDAY…..09:00 – 00:30
TUESDAY….09:00 – 00:30
WEDNESDAY..09:00 – 00:30
THURSDAY…09:00 – 02:30
FRIDAY…..09:00 – 02:30
SATURDAY…09:00 – 02:30